Oftentimes, God brings specific prayer concerns to our attention. We pray for the individual situation and continue about our day, not recognizing that the original request is just the tip of the iceberg. Ecclesiastes 1:9 reminds us that “…there is nothing new under the sun”. Some of the nuances may change, but the issues that throw humankind off course have existed since Adam and Eve left Eden.

In our prayer lives, we need to consider the original situation because it motivates us to connect with our Creator. The prayer is for us as well as the person who is the subject of the petition. Praying for others helps us to spiritually grow and mature, especially as we present needs to the Lord for those who are sometimes so involved in a crisis that they are unable to focus and ask God to intervene regarding the need. Yet, the Lord invites us to go even further. Instead of only praying for the situation relating to our direct knowledge, how different would the world be if we prayed for everyone else facing a similar situation? Think about it. If your friend Greg lost his job, you could expand your prayer to not only cover Greg, but everyone else in Greg’s situation. You could take it a step even further and pray for the family, finances, favor, protection, and peace of Greg and everyone like him. You amplify your prayer by extending the petition to all those affected by the same need or concern.

As you go before the Lord in prayer, recognize that you have the power to take your prayer full circle, praying for a range of people and needs far beyond the original one. There is no distance in the spirit realm. You have the freedom to pray for needs as they occur to you, regardless of where they occur.  I hope that you begin to employ this method of praying full circle. By the authority of Jesus, You can bless God’s kingdom more than you ever realized.

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